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A review of SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite – 4 Amazing Programs
SEO PowerSuite is a powerful SEO toolkit with four programs that analyze your website, analyze your competitors’ websites, and that essentially makes it easy for you to outrank your competition and get a top placement in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a mass of other search engines. The four programs in the PowerSuite are: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

Rank Tracker – Check out your rankings!

Rank Tracker.  This tool enables you to see how your website ranks on Google (or any of the 341 search engines, to be exact!) for certain phrases and key words.  You enter the URL of the website of your choice, and then list the key words you want to see rankings for.  Rank Tracker goes through Google and looks at the first 100 results to see where your website ranks for the key words you listed.  One of the big reasons SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker is so cool is because it gives you live results instantaneous.  You don’t have to wait 24 hours for your rankings to be checked.  For its basic purpose of telling you every day where your website is ranked for the key words that you are trying to rank them for, it’s my favorite program.  The program completed checking where the key words ranked for 5 key words in about a minute, and it is oftentimes quicker than that.

screen shot 1 - ranktracker

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You can also shoot out white label reports to your clients to show them where they are ranking on Google, and overall it’s a pretty effective program with a lot of other features as well. You can implement this into your Google Analytics account, and set up a graph that will show if your site’s going up or down in the rankings. Then you can see how your efforts have been paying off for the last few months in the SEO, or search engine optimization efforts that you’ve been doing.  So that’s essentially it for Rank Tracker as far as my review is concerned.  I could spend a lot more time going through every feature, but essentially this is what I use it for 90 percent of the day, is just to check my rankings.  As mentioned, you can check rankings with 341 search engines in different countries, so that would be helpful, if you’re based outside of the U.S.  This program is the best program to use compared to the others on the market.

seo-spyglassSEO SpyGlass – Spy on your competitors!

SEO SpyGlass.  The next program within SEO PowerSuite that I’m going to review is SEO SpyGlass (I’m actually going in the order of the programs that I have the most experience in and that I like to use the most).  Rank Tracker is definitely my top favorite, but second place I’d say is SEO SpyGlass.  The way SEO SpyGlass works is it allows you to spy on your competition. Again, there are a lot of features to it and a lot of different methods of how you could use the program. Today, I’ll show you my favorite method.

You start by entering the URL you want to spy on (you can then also type in your Google Analytics information). The program will analyze backlinks for the web page you entered.   In one example, the total backlinks that SEO SpyGlass analyzed was 1151, and it took about 2 minutes!  That’s pretty fast! You then go to a page where you can check all these backlinks and the information listed for each one.

screen shot 2 - seo spyglass

You can look at the source for the backlink, the title, the links back, the anchor text, anchor URL, and then the page rank of the backlink, etc.  I like to get some “basics” to see where a site is getting backlinks from.  Now, I’m sure as you’re aware, backlinks are not all created equal, so you can filter and find some of the best backlinks using this program, and then see if you can get your backlinks placed on that same page. To do that, you would go to the menu “Backlinks,” submenu “Update Backlinks,” and then “Update Data for all Backlinks in Project.”  Then you would choose the backlink factors you want to look at.

As kind of a quick way to see what the top backlinks are that this website has, you could first just look at the Page Factors for Google PageRank.  To go through 1151 backlinks, it took just 22 seconds to bring up this Page Rank data.  That’s pretty impressive because think about how long that would take you to look at all this site’s backlinks and then see which ones are the highest authority backlinks.  So after 22 seconds, sort the data by page rank, and boom shaka-laka!  I can see that one of their top backlinks is this website here,, has a page rank 6.

screen shot 3 seo spyglass

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You can just right-click on any specific backlink that you like and fully update it to get all the backlink data/factors (anchor text, domain age, domain ip, alexa rank, dmoz listing, etc), and then allow it to just run the report for that one specific backlink.  When I did this, it took 14 seconds (this saves time from running the full update on all the backlinks found. I usually only check out a few high pagerank backlinks at a time to save time).  There you can open the URL and see what’s up with it.  What I would do from there is I’d actually look at the top backlinks and then see if I can get backlinks on those sites, too. So anyway, that’s how I use the software and I like it a lot, and there’s a lot of other features and techniques that I could share with you, but I wanted to show you one of the favorite techniques that I use (and keep this article under 2000 words!).

website auditorWebsite Auditor – Clean up your site!

WebSite Auditor.  The next program I’m going to review is WebSite Auditor from SEO PowerSuite.  It will allow you to type in your web page or a domain / a website, and you can audit the website and see any changes or errors that you need to fix that could be hurting your ability to rank well on Google (not to mention you could be providing a better user experience if you made some of the suggested changes).  So what this program will do is look at broken links (for example), so if you had a link and it doesn’t work or goes to an expired site, this program will not correct it, but it will show that you need to correct it.

It will also:

  • Look at HTML code errors
  • Show if there’s duplicate content on your site
  • Let you know if any of your web pages on your web site are not indexed by Google
  • Tell you if you’ve got titles in your HTML metatag descriptions that are too long or missing
  • Reveal other issues that could affect your ranking and user experience

Again, you start by entering your website URL.  So here are the results, and again, I didn’t run the report for every single page and URL (to save time), but just looking at the top one here, you can see that this page (Preview2.html), doesn’t have any broken links, which is good.

screen shot 4 - website auditor

Need to zoom in? Just click on the screen-shot above!

It may not have meta keywords, so we could fix that if it’s relevant to do so.  Validation errors: it does have 7 errors, 6 warnings, so what’s helpful is you can click on the link to bring you to the actual error page and it explains the Validation errors, ID errors and the warnings, and then you can have those corrected if need be (by your “tech guy”).  This example has got some CSS validation errors, 217 errors, 82 warnings, etc that we learned from looking at the results page.

You can go through the results page and then have your “web guy” fix these errors.

Creating Audit Reports for your Clients

You can also do a really cool website structure audit report and it’ll show you items like page rank, Alexa rank, DMOZ listing (whether it’s listed or not), etc. You can determine if there’s any errors and reveal lots of different stats and charts which will help determine any changes your clients need to make to their websites. This information will help you build a better site that doesn’t have as many errors, provide better user experience and help you increase your rankings.

link-assistantNeed Assistance in getting relevant, high authority links?

LinkAssistant.  LinkAssistant is a pretty nifty program that can assist you with getting links from other websites. You can search for similar websites relevant to the website that that you are working on getting backlinks for.  Then you can filter the data to find websites with good content and that have a good page rank and good authority.

For example, you can find link partners with a good Google page rank (I.E. greater than 3). The program will find a bunch of domains and sites that are similar to your site (based off of keywords), and will list all of the results. You can then check off which sites you want to work with.  In one example, the program found 30 related sites to our “subject website”, and I selected 15 that I wanted to reach out to. And of the 15, the program automatically found 11 of their email addresses. You can see how easy and stream-lined this makes it for you, can’t you?

screen shot 5 - LinkAssistant

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So, think how awesome that really is because I didn’t have to go to 30 websites manually.  Just think for a moment how long this would take if you did it manually.  You would have to go to 30 different websites, check all the stats on the website to see if it’s a site that’s relevant and if it has good authority. And then you would have to say “OK, these are authoritative and relevant sites, now let me reach out to them. But first, let me find their contact info.” And you’d have to jump around all their websites just to find their contact info and to conduct your research.

However, with LinkAssistant, it literally took under 2 minutes to get me the results! So you have all the webmaster’s email addresses of the websites you would like to get a backlink on, and what you can do is just copy and paste the emails and write each person a personalized note.  That’s what I would do.  But LinkAssistant also gives you the ability to send an email within the program and you can actually automate the whole process and they have templates that you can pick from, and then you could follow up with the people that you emailed to see if you can work out an agreement.  You can send either an “auto-populated” or “personalized” link request email, and then track the status of getting that link.  The webmasters that respond to your email are the ones that you’ll work with!

Again, there’s lots of other features but this is one of the most effective methods that I use. You could spend hours in this program really becoming an expert just at this one program, and look at the tutorial videos and some of the awesome support information that SEO PowerSuite has on their website on this product to help you further if need-be.

Check it out yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this review of these four programs from SEO PowerSuite – Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor, and LinkAssistant.  Overall, this is a powerful suite of programs that quickly gives you the information you need to have a smoothly running website and obtain top rankings on search engines. I’d recommend you head over and get a free trial of the software and check it out by clicking here.

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