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Expert Secrets Book Review (2020) – How Russell Brunson Built a Massive Following

Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson
Expert Secrets teaches you how to build a strong following & sell more!

So I want to share my thoughts about the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson. It’s really great influencer book. I’ve read it at least twice! (And when I say read it, I mean that I bought the audible version and had it read to me in the shower and I’ve also read it on my Kindle and I have a paperback copy). So three copies of the book that way wherever you are in life, you have a copy of it with you while going through it! This is a great way to get a book read because you can pick up right where you are, whether in the car, home or on the go!

This book is really incredible because it teaches you “to find your message, build a tribe, and change the world…“. Essentially you will learn the process of narrowing down your message to your audience and getting them to not only like you but see you as the solution to their problem. Which ultimately, will result in many sales!

Why You Must Read it More than Once

You should definitely go through it more than once and its not just because you will hear something different each time. But read it at multiple stages in your business, because on your first go around you will learn the core strategies to get you up and running. Then as you start to advance your skills and your techniques and you make progress on what you’re reading about; read it again. What will happen is you will be able to implement a concept taught in the book that you couldn’t do the first time when you were just starting out.

For example, when I read the book the first time, I didn’t have a facebook group or a following on facebook. So I “heard” more about how to find your audience and how to talk to them. And after building up my group and my following, I read it a second time. Well, this go around, I could immediately implement some of the more advanced strategies because I actually had someone to try it on!

expert secrets free book

The big takeaways from the book is that it really teaches you how to create a message and how to create a following. And if you’re trying to sell something online, you want to be different, you want to stand out from the crowd, but you also want to learn how to create a culture of people that are going to like what you have to offer. And I think one of the big messages from the book is that you look at what’s happening right now in the industry (that your audience is already following). You find what the problem is and you solve that problem. Then you kind of exploit that (in a way) when you tell people, “Hey, are you tired of [PAIN POINT FOR YOUR AUDIENCE] but want A, B, and C?”

“Well, I’ve got A, B and C and eliminated [PAIN POINT FOR YOUR AUDIENCE]! Here’s how my NEW solution will [HELP YOU HIT YOUR GOALS].”

Its all about giving people a new solution. And a big part of what the book shares is that it’s not so much just giving people an alternative solution to their problems, rather giving them a new solution to their problems. If it’s the same old thing they’ve tried before, they’re not going to come over to you. They’re not going to buy your product, they’re not going to follow you.

But your product/service needs to comes across as a new solution (and it doesn’t even have to be something you invent. It could just be something you’ve improved upon, but you’re selling it as a new solution).

The Epiphany Bridge from Expert Secrets Book page 91
Source: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

The second big takeaway is how he teaches you how to tell stories. This why you need the physical book too, is there are many illustrations in it and one of them is the Epiphany Bridge story (Secret #6, on page 91).

In the Epiphany Bridge Story, you are not just selling the person in your message, you are telling them the story of why you got excited about something in the first place. The decision to buy becomes theirs, not yours. This is very important. You’re basically leading the person to the answer without directly telling it to them.

The first time you discovered your expert topic, SOMETHING happened that excited you. You had an emotional response that sold you on this new opportunity.

Source: Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

You can use this concept any time you are talking to your audience, including (but not limited to):

  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Post
  • Blog Post
  • Online Ad
  • Live Event
  • Webinar
  • When having a small chat at an event

Once you figure out how to structure your epiphany bridge, you could use it really for anything. And you could use it to talk for five minutes, an hour or even a whole weekend!

So let’s break this down with an example to help you understand the format… Keep in mind: You are the main character….

So in my case, I’m “Joe” and I want to go start my real estate business and I don’t have any money. (So not having any money is my “problem”. This is the brick wall that I hit). I can’t get into the real estate business cause I don’t have any money.

So what is the solution? Well the solution is I’m going to get business credit (I got an email that said I could get $100k in credit in just 100 days or something like that and I bit!). Now in my story, I would talk about how business credit helped me overcome that problem. How it helped me hop over that brick wall, get past my objections. And in my story, I talk about how I felt in that moment (felt great! It felt like I had hope again!).

It gave me capital and gave me money to start my business and to do deals and then I was able to actually quit my job and start my own business. I was finally free!!

So you put all that together in a nice pretty format and you come up with something that people can attract to and connect with. Which ends up causing them to follow you (and buy from you).

You basically connect with your audience on the emotional (most important) and logical level.

And if you can tell the story right, your audience will come to the same “aha” moment as you did and follow in your path. Learning the structure of story telling has really helped advance my career and I know it can do the same for you.

So here’s the thing, the Epiphany Bridge story is just secret 6 of 22 secrets in the Expert Secrets Book and I just told an abbreviated version of it. You really need to read the book to get the full feel of everything and absorb all the details (plus learn the other 16 secrets!).

The best part? The book is FREE.
You can get your copy right here.

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