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ClickMagick Review: A Full Breakdown of the Link Tracking Software

One of the more popular link tracking software options on the market, ClickMagick has people talking. Modern agencies, freelancers, and niche business owners — especially those who pay for website traffic or generate revenue from affiliate marketing — need to know about it.

So, I’ve decided to take it for another test drive and break down the most relevant platform features for you.

In this ClickMagick review, you’ll learn the available pricing options, how to learn to work in the platform, my experience with the response time of their customer support team, and how often the API is updated.

You’ll also find helpful information about the platform features including basic and advanced link management, click tracking, and link rotation.

Most importantly, once you’re finished reading, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to try their click tracking tools for yourself.

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a platform that allows marketers to optimize and track all of their marketing efforts in one place. It is a link manager, rotator, and click tracker. The platform helps you give more value to all of your links.

Why would you need any of this?

  • Link Management – When building links to your content, a link management platform helps you stay organized. Without organization, you will lose track of your efforts.
  • Click Tracking – By tagging your URLs with a unique click-tracking code, you’re able to count how many clicks a link on a particular page, email, or social media post gets, as opposed to tracking page visits as a whole.
  • Link Rotation – Do you sell traffic and ad space? If so, this feature will save you a ton of time sending traffic to multiple clients.

Furthermore, when you need to perform A/B testing, rotating your links can help you understand which landing pages perform best based on where the traffic is coming from.

Does this tool sound like something your business operations could use? If so, read on.

Pricing Options

One of the first things marketers need to know when making a software purchase decision is how much it will cost. As with most modern SaaS platforms, ClickMagick offers several options, based on the popular needs of users.

At this time, there are three ClickMagick pricing tiers to choose from:

  1. Starter Plan: $144 per year
  2. Standard Plan: $396 per year
  3. Pro Plan: $792 per year
clickmagick pricing

Each pricing plan includes all of ClickMagick’s core features and “Fanatical one-hour Support” (explained below). One of the major factors in choosing which plan to go with is how many clicks you anticipate needing to track.

To track up to 10,000 clicks per month, you can safely select the starter plan. For 100,000 clicks per month, you can choose the standard plan. And, with the pro plan, you can track up to 1,000,000 links per month.

The plan you select will also determine how long your data is stored on the platform, how many funnels you can manage in your dashboard, and how many custom tracking domains you can create.

Does ClickMagick Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, ClickMagick currently offers a free 14-day trial for new users.

Your credit card information is required for the trial. So, if you decide to take it for a test spin, remember to cancel your account before the trial period ends.

ClickMagick Trial

User Tutorials, Videos, and FAQs

If you’re going to dive into a new marketing platform, you’ll need a knowledge base to learn how to use it. ClickMagick tutorials are available from within the platform.

Ideally, this means you won’t have to sign up at any external user forums to learn the lay of the land. So, do their videos stack up? Can you learn everything you need to know without reaching out to an external source or to customer support?

When you click on the help menu of the dashboard from any page on the website, you can easily maneuver over to the user tutorials. From there, the ‘Getting Started’ video guides you down a learning path that covers all facets of using the software:

  • Getting Started
  • Setup
  • Content
  • Integrations

If you still have questions after watching the tutorials (you probably will), the FAQs should be able to help you. And, when all else fails, you may need to ask customer support.

That’s one of the downsides to the platform — there are so many bells and whistles that users must dedicate time to learning how to use it. And, that’s also why they try to go above and beyond with their support.

What is ClickMagick’s “Fanatical one-Hour Support?”

ClickMagick seems to have coined the phrase, ‘fanatical one-hour support,’ to promote its customer help platform. So, this is worth understanding before you commit to a year subscription.

Unfortunately, no ClickMagick customer service number exists to make a phone call to support. Alternatively, all platform help is handled online. A simple query like, “how do I create a link?” will bring you to a list of the relevant FAQs and a list of potentially helpful tutorial videos.

And, in this way, you can find the answer to most questions immediately.

But, what about queries that are more difficult to answer?  For those, you can submit a ticket at the online help desk. Based on the copy displayed on the site, you will expect to receive a response within an hour. So, will the customer service team deliver?

To find out, I submitted a ticket to the ClickMagick support at 2:09 PM. The first response I received via email was a minute later, letting me know that my query had been received.

Fanatical One Hour Support

How long did it take to receive a response from a support specialist? When I checked back over an hour later, around 3:30 PM on the same day, I still hadn’t received a reply.  So, I decided to give it a few hours and, voila!

By 5:32 PM on the same day (about three and a half hours after submitting a ticket), I received a detailed, helpful response to my query.

So, while my question wasn’t answered in an hour (to be fair, it was a fairly difficult question to answer), my issue was resolved in less than 24 hours. From my experience with similar online platforms, this is satisfactory.

If they were to add live chat, I’d probably give the user support a five-star rating.

How Often Does ClickMagick Update Their API?

Marketing software isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ industry. When you’re paying a subscription fee to use a business tool, you want to be sure that your provider is continually updating their API to iron out kinks, add features, and enhance your experience with the platform.

So, how often are the developers over at ClickMagick making updates and improvements?

Every single day.

ClickMagick News and Updates

As soon as an error is reported, you can trust that someone is working to troubleshoot and solve the issue. So, most of the time, you probably won’t even notice the hangups they’re having.

And, when features are requested by enough users, the dev team is ready to figure out how to add them.

All of this indicates that ClickMagick is likely a tool that will grow with you as you scale your marketing — it shows signs of longevity and dependability.

Link Management and Click Tracking Features

ClickMagick software allows you to create unique links and to group them into specific projects to keep your dashboard organized. You can redirect your links to any URL  (your domain or someone else’s) including website landing pages, social media pages, and other web content.

Tracking Features 1

You then gain instant access to data including the total clicks (TC) and unique clicks (UC) on your links. “Total clicks” represent the number of times the link has been clicked while “unique clicks” show how many unique visitors have clicked through the links.

Tracking Features 2

From there, you can get a bit more advanced with your efforts. Here are some of the top advanced features to use.

Advanced Feature #1: Create and Leverage a Custom Domain

You can use a custom domain and to track visits to a web page. However, this isn’t the simplest feature ClickMagick has to offer.

Why would you want to leverage a custom domain?

If you’re serious about your business, you need to protect it. If you’re not using a custom domain, you may be blacklisted when another marketer on the platform uses a standard ClickMagick link, which looks like ‘’

So, using a custom domain is considered best practice and keeps the ball in your court.

Now, what makes this feature difficult to use?

The problem with using a custom domain for link tracking in the platform is that you’ll have to access and alter your domain’s DNS records.  Luckily, you can use the existing FAQs and tutorials to learn how. And, as long as you’re using a major domain registrar like (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.), it will be easy enough to figure out.

User tip: Be sure to use a subdomain (ex: for link tracking on any domain with existing content.  

Advanced Feature #2: Monitor Organic Traffic

One of the coolest features of ClickMagick is that you can use it to monitor organic traffic on singular pages.

The organic traffic monitoring feature comes in especially handy when you’re working on a link building project that focuses on just a few specific pages of your site as opposed to the entire domain. In this case, you can see the number of page views from links built by others as well as yourself.

Advanced Feature #3: View Real vs Fake Traffic

You may be getting thousands of visits to your pages, but receiving low conversions. Despite your best efforts to optimize UX, you still don’t know what’s wrong. Well, it could be bots!

Bot traffic or non-human traffic to a web page can kill your visible conversion rates and throw a wrench in your analytics.

Fortunately, ClickMagick will filter bot traffic from real, human traffic based on the IP address used.

You will be able to see “premium,” “good,” and sub-par traffic based on the country where the IP is based. These tiers are broken down into three groups.

  1. Tier 1 / Premium Traffic comes from one of five English-speaking countries where the most leads are likely to come from (US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ).
  2. Tier 2 / Good Traffic comes from one of 43 countries where remaining leads are likely to come from (Argentina, Italy, Mexico, etc.)
  3. Tier 3 / Sub-Par Traffic comes from a country where few leads, yet many bots are likely to come from (Pakistan, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc.).

Knowing the source of your traffic can make all the difference in honing your acquisition efforts.  For example, if the majority of your traffic is bad, it doesn’t matter how well you optimize your pages.

Advanced Feature #4: Create and Leverage Retargeting Pixels

If you currently use tracking pixels from any third-party source like Facebook, Google, Twitter, or somewhere else, you will love the option to expand your efforts.

Rather than just retarget ads to visitors who land on your blog or click through your PPC ads, you can now use your tracking pixels in links from emails, social media, forums, and more.

This feature is not available with most link tracking platforms.

Advanced Feature #5: Link Cloaking

If you use a custom domain in your link tracking efforts, you will also have the ability to cloak your links. Essentially, cloaking your tracking links allows you to hide or   links, which are often exceptionally long and easy for web admins and readers to spot.

You will have the ability to cloak any link you create with ClickMagick.

Advanced Feature #6: A/B Testing

You can maximize the value of your campaigns with A/B or split testing. You will need to learn effective A/B testing techniques before you can leverage ClickMagick to effectively implement them.

Send traffic to two or more pages manually using link rotation (I’ll explain later), or you can use ClickMagick’s built-in Split Test function.

AB Split Testing

I recommend the Split Test function because ClickMagick will automatically choose the winning page for you based on the determinant of your choice.

  • Actions
  • Engagements
  • Sales

Based on the factor choose, ClickMagick can collect the information you need and select the best landing page to direct clicks to.

In a nutshell, it completely automates the A/B testing process for you.

Link Rotation Features

A link rotator delivers incoming clicks to one or more URLs. Usually, you would use it to give your ‘clicks’ to sites who have purchased traffic from you. ClickMagick offers four types of rotators.

Link Rotation
  1. Fulfillment Rotator – From the list of URLs you enter, this rotator will give the first URL the clicks until the order/ quota is fulfilled, then move down the list sequentially.
  2. Spillover Rotator – Similar to the Fulfillment rotator, this rotator starts at the top of your list, fulfilling click quotas, one URL at a time. But, when a second click comes through from one site visitor, it is given to the second URL on the list. It continues to move down the list as more clicks come in. This rotator is ideal for people who sell solo ads.
  3. Random Rotator – Just as you would expect, this rotator sends clicks to URLs on your list at random. It is rarely used (in my experience, “random” rarely means “balanced.”)
  4. Sequential Rotator – This rotator sends clicks, as they come in, to each URL on your list. So, the first URL on the list gets the first click, the second URL gets the second click and so on and so forth.

These rotators are pretty much everything you’ll need to get started. But, you can and should take your work a step further.

‘On Finish’ Settings for Sequential Clicks

When using the Spillover Rotator, you will have access to On Finish settings, which determine what happens when each URL in your list has multiple clicks from a visitor.

Where can you send any additional repeat clicks acquired through the Spillover Rotator?

  • Backup URL – Selecting this option will send the person who has continually clicked your link to a backup URL of your choosing.
  • Last URL – This is the default setting for what the click rotator does with additional consecutive clicks from a single user. So, if you do nothing, this is what will automatically happen. The person clicking the link will be sent to the last URL on your list
  • Top of Rotator – The person clicking the link will be sent to the top of your list to go through each URL again.

Next, when using the Random Rotator, you will see a different set of on finish options for what to do with consecutive clicks — you can either set the link to point to the same URL repeatedly or to another random URL.

Finally, the on finish settings for the Sequential Rotator allow you to do even more. You can either send sequential clicks to the same URL repeatedly or move the visitor through each of the URLs on your list with each click.

Using MagickPops and MagickBars

Some of the most impressive tools offered by ClickMagick are the MagickPops and MagickBars.

MagickPops are pop-ups you can add to websites that you have no control over.

You can use MagickPops to direct people to a sales offer and capture their email addresses. The visitor must click through your link in order to see the pop-up you’ve created.

  • Immediate pop-ups are displayed instantly when a user clicks your link.
  • Intelligent pop-ups appear when your visitor attempts to leave the page.

These can come in extremely handy when collecting user emails.

MagickBars allow you to add banner ads, timers, and other elements to websites that you have no control over.

Furthermore, you can put any content you want into a MagickBar.

These are the features that really take your marketing to the next level, as they allow you a new degree of control over sites that you don’t own or manage from the same dashboard you use to your manage links.

For example, imagine that you’re sending visitors through a link to one of your affiliate products. When the user clicks through your ClickMagick link, they are taken to the landing page on a website that you promote, but don’t own.

Once the user arrives on that page, you can greet them with a customized MagickPop (pop-up) or MagickBar (banner) to collect email information or send them to one of your other promotional pages.

Note: Link cloaking comes in exceptionally handy when leveraging these features.

MagickPop Example

For the sake of this example, let’s imagine that I have an affiliate account with Zoho, and I want to direct traffic to their social tools in exchange for a commission on paid signups. In addition, I want to build my email list. I could use a MagickPop to do this without ever sending traffic to my website.

  • Step 1: Create a custom domain using GoDaddy or Namecheap (or another registrar).
  • Step 2: Connect my new domain to ClickMagick.
  • Step 3: Create a cloaked ClickMagick tracking URL that directs clicks to the Zoho Social landing page with my affiliate code.
  • Step 4: Create a new email subscription form using MailChimp (or another email marketing platform).
  • Step 5: Use my new email subscription form to create a MagickPop.
  • Step 6: Connect my new MagickPop to my new ClickMagick tracking URL.  
MagickPop Example

As you can see from the screenshot above, when my tracking URL is clicked, users are taken to Zoho’s website. But, they see my URL and subscription form.

MagickBar Example

Now, let’s take the next feature for a spin. As stated above, MagickBars can contain any content you want. But, for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say I need a banner for a marketing client.

I’ll pretend Ray Higdon is my client (Note: I have no actual affiliation with Ray Higdon). I want to direct users to one of his books on Barnes & Noble. But, if the customer doesn’t want to make a purchase right now, I’d like to encourage them to follow Ray on Twitter.

So, here’s what I would do.

  • Step 1: Create a custom domain using GoDaddy or Namecheap (or another registrar). *For this purpose, I’ll just stick with the same URL from the MagickPop example above.
  • Step 2: Connect my new domain to ClickMagick.
  • Step 3: Create a cloaked ClickMagick tracking URL that directs clicks to the book’s landing page.
  • Step 4: Create a new banner ad using Canva (or another design platform).
  • Step 5: Add my banner to Imgbb (or another image hosting site).
  • Step 5: Use my new banner to create a MagickBar.
  • Step 6: Connect my new MagickBar to my new ClickMagick tracking URL.  

And, as with the MagickPops example, you can now see my URL and banner content on a website I do not own.  All users who click through my ClickMagick tracking link will see the same.

These features have nearly unlimited uses that breathe magick into your marketing efforts.

Available ClickMagick Integrations

While the platform has an impressive range of features, no modern marketing software is complete without integrations with other complimentary tools.

Lucky for you, ClickMagick integrates easily with your other affiliate marketing tools.

  • PPC Networks – You can integrate your account with PPC networks like Bing, Google, and more.

User Tip: Make sure to add your tracking links to your PPC ads after they are approved.

  • ClickBank – For the most accurate reporting results, set up your ClickMagick account with ClickBank’s instant notification services. Simply create your ClickBank secret key, add your secret key to your ClickMagick user profile, and add ClickMagick’s instant notification URL to ClickBank.
  • Affiliate Networks – Integrate landing pages and ClickMagick with many available CPA affiliate networks including MaxBounty, PeerFly, and ClickBooth.

In addition to the affiliate and advertising integrations, ClickMagick is compatible with Google Analytics, giving your campaigns even more power.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ClickMagick is an excellent platform for link management, click tracking, and link rotation.

But, it’s probably not the best fit for a novice affiliate marketer. Rather, the system is a full suite of link tools for experts in the affiliate and digital marketing spaces.

If you have the time and energy to learn the interface, ClickMagick is well-worth the investment.

Go here to start your free trial now and see what you think!

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