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The Top 10 Best Screenshot Software Tools

There are so many options when looking for the best free screenshot software. And different options come on and off the market. Take the screen capture tool TinyGrab for example. TinyGrab was once a leader with its automatic uploads and messaging capabilities. But they are no more, so… what is the best free screenshot software? Jing is the best free option our there in terms of use and features, but our favorite is actually Snagit (a paid tool). Read below to see why!

Choosing the best screenshot software comes down to finding which one provides the most relevant features that are important to you. To help make this choice easier, let’s take a look at the top ten screenshot software on the market.

#1: FireShot Screen Capture Tool
As its name suggests, the main feature of the FireShot screen capturing tool is speed. Speed is an essential quality to have when taking a screenshot as users often have only seconds to make a grab. Apart from that, FireShot is also known for its business compatibility. It allows users to annotate on the fly, highlight their screen, and perform other quick edits in real-time.

Best Paid Screenshot Software

#2: Snagit Screen Capture Software
The Snagit Screen Capture Software is arguably the most well-known software on the market today. Above everything else, what makes it stand out is its advanced image editing options that are unlike any other software. Also, it has a built-in screen recording facility to make any necessary adjustments. Overall, it provides a productive feel with its quick toolbar capture process, its cross-device sharing capabilities, and its preview window as well. This is the best you can get and is available for a very small cost.

#3: FastStone Capture Software
FastStone Capture Software is another well-known tool for digital marketers. Its unique feature is that it captures the entire screen with high precision and quality. Other tools capture sections of screens and opt to give users more control by lowering the quality of the grab. That said, FastStone is also very powerful for a lightweight tool. It can save everything from BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes equipped with a color sampling tool if you ever need it.

#4: Skitch Screen Capture Tool
The Skitch screen capture tool is a self-described screengrab editing and annotating capture tool. For this reason, its capabilities lean more towards that side of functions. For example, it comes with a Skitch highlighting tool, a photo editor, and a pixelation tool as well. The idea behind these capabilities is to add more value on top of what is simple screen capturing. Although they took a somewhat risky approach, it has paid off in the form of being popular among beginner digital marketers and social media users.

#5: TinyTake Screen Capture Program
The TinyTake screen capture program is one of the tools that opt for user-specified or region screen capturing. As mentioned before, this gives users more accuracy and control over what they can capture. It does this with the use of a webcam which also makes it one of the most unique tools on the market. Other specific capabilities of TinyTake include drag & drop functions, local drive capturing, and a file viewer for virtually any type of file.

#6: GreenShot Capture Software
GreenShot has shown to be one of the most well-rounded tools for digital marketers. As a user-selected grab tool, its surprisingly fast and allows for quick edits pre and post-capture. All captures can also be saved and edited later in various formats. Other bright spots of this tool include easy configuration, a wide range of sharing options, and memory utilization.

#7: ShareX Screen Capture Tool
If you want to skip all of the fancy capabilities and focus solely on production, then the ShareX screen capturing tool is the choice for you. ShareX is a lightweight open-source tool that is always improving te be more user-friendly. It’s a simple tool on purpose with capabilities such as quick capture, file sharing, and other productivity functionalities. It’s also highly customizable with tools such as a color picker and QR code generator which all increase workflow when using it.

Best Free Screenshot Software

best free screenshot software

#8: Jing Screen Capture Tool
The Jing Capturing tool is unique in that it can work across different operating systems without changing its interface. This makes it one of the easiest tools to learn. That said, its capabilities include image removal editing, social media integration, and quick-share functions as well. This is by far our favorite free screenshot tool and is super easy to use!

#9: LightScreen Capture Software
The LightScreen capture software is best known for its automated processes of saving. This saves users valuable time during the editing and cataloging processes. It also has a system tray icon for easy access to functions that makes it relatively quick for a lightweight tool. Its hotkey access and image viewer features are more bonuses than anything else.

#10: Screenpresso Capture Software
Last but not least, Screenpresso is one of the more powerful tools you can get on the market. Since it prioritizes heavy functions such as a built-in image editor and image conversion, it’s one of the slower tools but it makes up for it in other areas. For example, it comes equipped with editing arrows, text boxes, and other capture highlighting functionalities.

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