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38+ Best Free Shopify Themes to Check Out in 2020

If you’ve launched an online store on this eCommerce platform, you may have noticed that Shopify currently offers 8 free themes to install on your site. Here, you will see each of them along with 30+ others offered by third parties. 

Unlike most directories of this nature, you can actually use these Shopify templates at no cost. Use this list to expand your options and make an informed design decision on a low budget. 

First, What is a Shopify Theme?

A Shopify theme or Shopify template is a pre-designed website layout that can be used for online stores hosted on the Shopify platform. Your theme determines the look, feel, and layout of your website. 

Before we get to the full list of free theme options, learn everything you need to know about how they work. 

Can You Customize Shopify Themes? 

Yes. Shopify themes can be customized from within your admin panel. The task requires knowledge of CSS, HTML, and Liquid coding languages. To make changes to your theme, navigate to the theme editor. 

Can You Change Your Shopify Theme or is it a One-Time Purchase? 

Yes, you can change your Shopify theme. And, no, it is not a one time purchase. When switching to a new theme, you may lose some design elements such as images used in headers. You will not lose your product catalog, images, or descriptions. 

Can You Install a WordPress Theme on Shopify? 

No, you cannot install a WordPress theme on Shopify. All content management platforms vary, as do the format of their templates. 

However, Shopify does have a new WordPress plugin that enables Shopify sales on the WordPress platform. 

Where Can You Get Free Shopify Themes? 

Of course, Shopify offers easy installation of platform-supported templates from within your user dashboard. Outside of Shopify, you can find free themes on template marketplaces and through some web developers.  

Why Would Third-Parties Offer Free themes for Shopify Stores?

There are a couple of reasons why a third-party would offer a Shopify theme for free. Some marketplaces use the templates as lead generation tools to get Shopify users to their site in hopes that they can eventually migrate their stores to another platform like WordPress. Others are interested in upselling their development services like theme installation or GDPR compliance. 

External developers do make money by giving away their products. 

How Hard is it to Install a Third-Party Theme on Your Shopify Store? 

Installing a third-party theme on your Shopify store is not rocket science, but it does require some understanding of the technical aspects of the platform. Read Shopify’s official instructions for installing a third-party template before you begin. 

Free Shopify Themes

A ton of research went into finding the best Shopify themes you can download for free. Some of them are lite versions, meaning you can upgrade to use a paid version with more features. Still, each of them will get the job done without a dime invested upfront. 

The first 8 made the top of the list because they’re officially supported by Shopify. This means they require little to no tech knowledge to install, and you will receive a lifetime of platform support when issues arise. The rest on the list are still worth checking out, but if something goes wrong, you will have to reach out to the developer, not Shopify, for support. 

1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Brooklyn, whose “playful” version is super bright, is a trusted theme, perfect for apparel stores or baking and decorating supplies. 

2. Simple

simple theme for shopify

Simple is a minimal theme creates a nice, sleek online store that can work well for nearly any product catalog. 

3. Minimal

minimal Shopify Theme

With this free option, choose from three elegant minimalist theme styles. Each enables a unique twist on simplicity. 

4. Supply

the supply theme for shopify

If selling products is your goal, Supply might be the theme for you. The design is perfect to display and navigate through large inventories. 

5. Venture

venture Shopify Theme

Venture gives you three variations of the perfect free theme for sports stores and outdoor suppliers. 

6. Debut

debut Shopify Theme

Debut provides are two adaptations of a theme perfect for aesthetically inclined shopping. Think home decor, trendy accessories, and gifts. 

7. Boundless

Shopify theme called boundless

Give your shoppers an interactive experience with fading effects on your slideshows, built-in social media icons,  and more with the Boundless Shopify theme. 

8. Narrative

the narrative theme

Narrative is an excellent theme for smaller product catalogs that want to tell a stunning visual story. 

9. Fashe


Designed for fashion brands, the Fashe theme from Colorlib is a favorite for clothing and accessories sellers on the Shopify platform. 

10. AP 2020

AP 2020

AP 2020 is Apollo Themes’ newest free Shopify theme, built for online sellers who prioritize fast-loading product pages. Download the free version now and upgrade later to leverage the full suite of available features. 

11. Remos

remos theme

Remos from Smart Add-Ons is a Shopify theme that supports drag and drop builder sections for clothing, accessories, and tech products. 

12. Gift

Gift Shopify Theme

All you have to do to access the free Gift theme download from Roartheme is to like or share on social media (as with many of the others). 

13. SuitUP


SuitUP is an excellent theme option for Shopify sellers in the fashion niche. Users love the promotional marketing features. 

14. CarAudio

CarAudio Shopify Theme

An excellent choice for auto parts and audio accessories sellers, CarAudio is another great free Shopify theme you can download today. 

15. Kardone


Another top option of auto parts retailers is Kardone, designed with cars in mind. Deliver a fully-responsive, stunning shopping experience. 

16. Styler


Styler was created with fashion stores in mind but works well for other types of products sold on the Shopify platform. 

17. Spare Parts

Spare parts Shopify Theme

Spare Parts is another automotive-specific theme for Shopify that can help you deliver a great user experience for your shoppers. 

18. Tools

tools Shopify Theme

If you sell tools, you can’t afford to look past this free Shopify theme. It enables everything your customers want in a web store. 

19. Coffeera


Coffeera is a one-of-a-kind Shopify theme created specifically with coffee and tea sellers in mind. 

20. Classygift


Running an online gift shop? Check out the Classygift theme for an elegant and comfortable-feeling website. 

21. Medical Equipment

medical equipment

Medical equipment merchants will want to see what the Medical Equipment theme has to offer. The design is responsive, bright, and clean. 

22. Multifly

multifly Shopify Theme

The Multifly theme was designed for fashion stores on the Shopify platform but will work well for other products. 

23. Annabelle

annabelle shopify theme

The Annabelle theme from Space Squirrel offers a highly-customizable option for Shopify stores. For example, choose a full-width or overflow layout for your home page. 

24. Debutify

debutify shopify theme

The Debutify theme has a ton of positive user feedback. Site owners and admins boast about the multitude of available features. 

25. Kristix


Kristix is a free theme for Shopify stores presented by Azexo Builder. If you’re willing to learn a bit of tech, this theme is a great option. 

26. Fyre


ShopFree boasts to be the world’s first free Shopify setup service. With this service, users can take advantage of the exclusive Fyre theme. 

27. Wear

wear shopify theme

Wear is a free theme just for fashion merchants using Shopify. The design is modern, clean, and completely responsive. 

28. Bulb


Bulb features a clean, simple design for all types of online retailers using the Shopify platform. 

29. Lamp


Lamp is a Shopify theme with a similar layout to Bulb, designed with electronic sellers in mind. 

30. Doodad

doodad shopify theme

Doodad for toy sellers is another favorite free theme that you need to check out. Enjoy a fun, responsive layout. 

31. Calk

calk theme

If you’re looking for a multipurpose theme for a general product offering on Shopify, see the Calk theme. 

32. Rink

rink theme for shopify

Are you selling skate supplies, boards, accessories, or something related to skateboarding? Well, that’s exactly what inspired the Rink theme design. 

33. Goods

goods theme for shopify

Goods is a nice, clean theme, perfect for Shopify stores selling gifts, home decor, or other household items. 

34. Marriage 

marriage free shopify theme

Do you run a wedding-related online store on Shopify? If so, you need to look at the Marriage theme before you make a final decision. 

35. Haunt


The only thing spooky about the Haunt theme is how clean the navigation is. Leverage a great design for a jewelry or accessories store. 

36. Corpus


Corpus can help you sell clothing and accessories for men, women, and children with a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate design. 

37. Forest


Make this theme your own and sell home decor, furniture, or something else. Delight your shoppers with a clean, aesthetic layout. 

38. Star

star shopify theme

Customize various product sections and deliver a simple shopping experience with the Star theme for Shopify. 

Honorable Mentions

Technically, the following themes aren’t free. However, with a paid Envato account (only $16 per month), you can download and install these specialty templates (and many others) on your Shopify store at no additional charge. 

1. Elise


Elise is a theme that claims to boost your conversions. The most beautiful part is that it truly empowers multiple-concepts within one design.  

2. Phuler


Phuler seems to be designed for online florists and flower retailers. It would also be a great fit for decor and accessory shops. 

3. Foodly


The Foodly theme was created with organic online grocers in mind. But, there are at least 100 other things you could do with this design. 

Final Thoughts

One of the beautiful aspects of running a Shopify store is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to succeed. And, you can launch a business on a moderate budget. Use one of the themes above to create a stunning, fully-customizable design for your storefront. Ready to launch your first store, learn how Shopify works

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